Non-Woven Protective Facial Mask - 10PCS

₦ 3,100.00
PV :0.00

Non-Woven Protective Facial Mask

  • Good quality: Seal the bridge of the nose improves the adhesion of the item.
  • Comfortable to wear: No falling off, comfortable to wear and the item is designed with high strength.
  • Wide application: Perfect for machining, automobile making, sports, running, hiking, climbing and so on.
  • Convenient to use: Adjustable nose clip fits the face, fixes the sides of the easily detachable nose wings, helping to isolate the polluted air.
  • Comfortable to wear: The item is wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and face, it fits for most faces.
  • Independent one-way breathing valve effectively reduces respiratory resistance.


  • Material: Spun bond non-woven fabric, good breath ability, soft texture.
  • Fixed: Flexible metal bands ensure optimal sealing.
  • Comfort: The foam is used as a filling layer, which is comfortable to wear.
  • Main Material: Non-woven